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Kenya Peaberry

With plush layers of blackberry and dazzling acidity, this blend of rare peaberries takes this year’s prize.
$19.95  lb.

Flavor Notes

Dazzling acidity and velvety texture, with plush, juicy layers of sweet blackberry.

Flavor Category

Fruity / Floral

Roast Level



Africa & Arabia
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About this coffee

Roast Level

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Brewing Methods

  • Drip
  • Pour Over
  • Press Pot
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How It Tastes

Blackberries. That’s the first aroma you pick up when drinking this month’s limited release. Coupled with the berry overtones, this year’s Kenya Peaberry has a spectacular, citrusy acidity for a brilliant cup with velvety texture.


Every year, our Coffee Team anticipates the lively Kenya auctions, when dozens of peak-of-harvest samples arrive from Kenya. With all the perfect conditions—location (right on the equator), altitude (1,750 meters), climate (two rainy seasons per year), and terroir (ideal)—coffee from this origin is intensely sweet, with screaming acidity and a complex range of flavors, all fruity, all wonderful.

It’s an exhilarating time in the cupping room as we perform our daily ritual and taste our way through dozens of lots from renowned co-op societies in our favorite, fabled regions. This year’s winner is a rare, all-peaberry blend of from Kirinyaga and Muranga, the result of many hours at the cupping table, and fierce bidding at the Kenya auction.

Worth Noting

A Peet’s favorite, we have been sourcing Kenya coffee direct from the auctions for years. For six to eight weeks in February and March, we receive samples from the auction to evaluate. We roast and cup every lot, amounting to dozens of coffees tasted. Every week, for the lots that meet our high expectations, we enter our bid at the live auction and await the results. If we are the highest bidder, the lots are ours. We do this weekly until we reach 320 bags—a full shipping container. Then we mill, bag, and ship the coffee directly to Oakland. It’s a long trip from Kenya’s Port of Mombasa, so we take care to choose the fastest route, and we are now thrilled to offer this exquisite cup. This is a limited offering, so don’t hesitate to try this delicious and rare coffee, one of Kenya’s best.
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