Our craft

From sourcing the finest beans in the world to carefully calibrating each roast and hand-crafting each beverage—Peet's knows coffee. Whether you want to learn how to brew the perfect cup at home, or you're curious about our social responsibility, let us share our coffee know-how with you.

How-to-brew guides

Craft at home

We've been dedicated to the craft of coffee since 1966. Our step-by-step guides can help you perfect your own process at home. Here's to brewing the perfect cup.

The uncomprom­ised cup

  • Selectively sourced

    We travel the globe searching for the world's finest beans.

  • Roasted by hand

    We use our five senses-not computers-to unlock each bean's flavor potential.

  • Delivered obsessively fresh

    We don't roast until you order, and then race the beans to your door, so you can enjoy the freshest, most flavorful cup.

  • Hand-crafted to perfection

    We train each barista to carefully hand-craft each beverage to deliver the richest cup.