Meet Alfred Peet

When Alfred Peet opened the doors to his first coffeebar in 1966, he quietly ignited a revolution that forever changed the expectations of American coffee drinkers. From his commitment to quality to his meticulous attention to detail, we abide by his principles today.

Meet Mr. Peet

The master of craft coffee

When Mr. Peet introduced fresh, darkly roasted beans to America in the 1960s, he transformed how we experience coffee. Today, his influence is still present in the way we travel the world to source our beans and roast every batch by hand.

The big bang

Who is
Alfred Peet?

Born March 10th, 1920 in the Netherlands, Alfred Peet grew up in the coffee trade before traveling the world. Upon landing in the United States, he was shocked at the poor-quality coffee Americans were drinking. When Mr. Peet opened the doors to his first Peet's coffeebar in 1966, coffee enthusiasts gathered to appreciate his signature rich, dark roast.

Who is Alfred Peet?
Lasting impact
Making a lasting impact
"He was the guru of everyone in the gourmet coffee revolution. He was the big bang. It all started with him."
Corby Kummer Author of "The Joy of Coffee" and Senior Editor, The Atlantic Monthly

Mr. Peet's legacy

In the decades since Mr. Peet opened his first coffeebar, Peet's has grown dramatically. But with each cup we brew, we still look toward our founder for inspiration and dedication to an uncompromised cup.

  • Selectively Sourced
  • Roasted by Hand
  • Delivered Obsessively Fresh
  • Hand-Crafted to Perfection