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Subscription options
  • Small Batch Series

    If you want to be on the cutting edge of coffee – these are rare and unique finds, selectively sourced in small batches from around the world.

  • Single Origin Series

    If you want to experience a taste of place and the nuanced flavor that origins and production methods impart.

  • Signature Blend Series

    If you agree with us that blending is much art as it is science and want to experience the coffees that made Peet’s famous.

  • Frequent Brewer Subscription

    If you know what you like and you want it delivered on your schedule, as-fresh-as-can-be.

  • Find Your Match

    If you love Peet’s but can’t quite decide which coffee is right for you, take our interactive quiz. With just a few simple questions we’ll help you decided which coffee is the perfect match.

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