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Sumatra Solok Radjo

A deeply satisfying Sumatra with surprising acidity and a refreshing mission: re-forestation
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Flavor Notes

Herbal and pepper aromatics; spicy and complex with surprising acidity

Flavor Category

Spicy / Complex

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Roast Level

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Brewing Methods

  • Drip
  • Pour Over
  • Press Pot
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How It Tastes

Spicy, herbal, and earthy. This is for the high-end Sumatra lover. Full Indonesia, heavy bodied and complex, but with a clean, pristine preparation that delivers the best of Sumatran pepper and earth notes with a surprising level of acidity.


With its fertile, mineral-rich soils, and steps of volcanic slopes suffused with rain, the island of Sumatra is ideally situated to grow beautiful coffee. Unfortunately, at times, and with crops like palm oil, Indonesia has also labored under a pall of smoke and threat of deforestation. The Solok Radjo Cooperative sees a different future. Its almost 1000 members have made sustainable agriculture and re-forestry a key focus of their coffee growing activities. Coffee seedlings and shade trees are distributed to the members free of charge at the beginning of the rainy season. Protecting coffee plots with shade trees provides a buffer for climate change and soil erosion and prolongs the coffee cherry ripening window. The members are trained in healthy agro-forestry practices, planning for the next crop, and the next, as this one is reaped. We’re excited to see them thrive, the investment in the coffee we are drinking planted back into their community, and the slogan of Solok Radjo come to life, “coffee for the people and the earth.”

Worth Noting

Great Sumatra relies on strong relationships, and this small allotment from a new co-op in west Sumatra grows from an old affiliation. Septiani Trijayanti, with whom we’ve worked for years, was eager to introduce us to this coffee, setting some aside to make sure we got a taste. We loved it so much, we just bought it—that’s our rule, when a coffee is this good. Now we can share the love, as well as spread the word about some forward-thinking farmers and their drive for re-forestation.

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